Companies with the most Successful Online Communities have These 4 Things in Common

by Admin on Aug 04, 2014
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4 Things in Common FollrCreating a thriving online community of customers is no easy feat, yet companies succeed at doing it every day. Sure they probably have teams of social media experts and customer care professionals, but at the heart of it, it really comes down to having these four things on lock. Read on to see if you're putting any of best practices to use... and if you're not... well you know what to do.  

  1. All innovation and R&D is done IN CONJUNCTION WITH customers. These companies no better than to make changes without soliciting loyal customers’ advice.
  2. Every single employee has been trained to put the customer first. No matter which department you work in or what your job description entails, you know that customer service is paramount and feel compelled to act accordingly. Zappos, anyone?
  3. Employees are encouraged to interact candidly with customers online. None of that stiff business language allowed - these employees are expected to be real, open and honest with customers over social media. Simply put, transparency is key.
  4. There are protocols in place for negative feedback. Each and every employee tasked with handling online activities knows exactly what to do should a customer get frustrated. Situations can be mitigated easier and faster because there are practiced steps in place.
Do you practice any of these online community engagement principles with your business? Do you even have an online community? Let us know in the comments and start a community with Follr today!

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A Dozen Crazy Mailboxes

by Admin on Aug 01, 2014
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Realtors Environmental Summit Evaluates Potential Risks to Real Estate

by Admin on Aug 01, 2014
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Washington. D.C. - July 29, 2014 ( Realtor® leaders are hearing from the nation’s foremost experts on environmental risk management during the National Association of Realtors® first environmental summit. The slate of distinguished speakers includes Dan Glickman, who served as the Secretary of Agriculture under President Clinton, and Tom Ridge, first Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security, former Governor of Pennsylvania, president and CEO of Ridge Global and partner at Ridge-Schmidt Cyber. NAR logo “Dramatic changes in our environment will have an impact on how and where people want to live, which will inevitably transform local real estate markets. This summit is an opportunity for Realtors® to assess and prioritize the wide variety of environmental risks that could affect the way people buy and sell property,” said NAR President Steve Brown, co-owner of Irongate, Inc. Realtors® in Dayton, Ohio. Home buyers are already showing sensitivity to the larger environment. Consumer preferences for walkable communities and energy-efficient homes are on the rise, according to NAR research, which also shows a considerable and growing market for green buildings. NAR created the Green REsource Council in 2008 to educate Realtors® about green industry standards and developing their own green business practices. The council’s main function is administering NAR’s GREEN Designation program. Since the program’s inception, nearly 9,000 Realtors® have received the designation. “As scientists speculate that extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy, the decade-long drought in the Southwest, and natural disasters like the mega-wildfires in Arizona, are going to occur with greater frequency, it is even more important that we begin to think about what this means for existing homes and businesses as well as new construction. This summit is just the beginning of the conversations that Realtors® will continue to have about the environment and its impact on our industry,” said Brown. Panel topics include the economic impact of environmental changes, politics of natural resource management, public perceptions of environmental risks and threats, smart growth, and environmental regulations and protections. The National Association of Realtors®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing 1 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries. Media Contact: Jenny Werwa (202) 383-1193 Email

Follr Community Feature #2: Social Feed

by Admin on Jul 30, 2014
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Follr Behind the ScenesFor our second installment of #BehindTheScenes, we’re taking a look at Follr’s Social Feed. Anytime you login or type “” into your browser’s search field, your Social Feed will pop up right on your Follr dashboard. Follr’s Social Feed allows you to combine all of your social network, blog and community content – up to 40 social media platforms! – into one, easy-to-digest social feed. Easily browse your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest news feeds, right alongside each other, or toggle amongst them with one click! And better yet, seamlessly syndicate any piece of content to ALL of them with one click! Not only does information come in via Follr Social Feed, but it can blasted out as well. If that’s not a good reason to create your Follr Profile today, I don’t know what is! Follr Social Feed

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